RoboFlail Vario

With PTO for attachments

A powerful 38 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine ensures the RoboFlail Vario when there is a transmissionof power from 330 NM on the power take-off (1,000 rpm). This performance represents the accessory equipment with virtually no loss.

It can be fitted to any Category 1 equipment up to 450 kg. By default, a lateral slide of up to 40 cm is available. This, as well as the very high lifting, may be limited if necessary. The continuous release of the RoboFlail Vario lower steering is set using the remote control.

As an example, this flexibility can be used in forest management. Featuring with a forest winch, it can also advance into remote corners of the forest . Here, the vario works well as a felling aid. The engine of the RoboFlail Vario is pivotally fitted, the emphasis is always oriented towards the slope to align the system optimally on the hillside.

Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.

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