RoboFlail One

Freedom in lawn maintenance

Intelligent solutions for the care of green areas

The RoboFlail one allows for previously unimagined freedom in lawn maintenance. By decoupling the engine from the operator, this is always in a secure place. Only the machine operates in unsafe areas. – And on hills with a slope up to 55°.

Using forwards and backwards mowing, the RoboFlail leaves practically no traces on the ground, because time-consuming turning is not applicable. Due to the wide track and low center of gravity of the system, it can maneuver through any terrain. The track drive runs on spherical rollers that always provide guaranteed grip on all types of soil, even at high speeds.

The RoboFlail one is driven by a well-established Kawasaki gasoline engine with 25 horsepower. Enough to guarantee both the propulsion and optimum power transfer to the removable mower deck

Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.

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