G30 Hybrid Remote control Mower

17 HP Kohler Engine, Electric 4 wheel drive

G30 mowing robot adheres to the concept of green, environmental protection and energy saving, hybrid power, remote control operation and four-wheel drive as the platform of the lawn mower, respectively facing the family courtyard, public green space, orchard cultivation and airports. In the field of household lawn mowers and commercial lawn mowers such as river and embankment vegetation maintenance, the lawn mower can be operated remotely to reduce the labor intensity of workers and the damage caused by noise and vibration, which solves the time and effort of manual mowing and sun exposure. In the competition with the artificial team, they have defeated 8 manual workers. They can adapt to various complex geographical environments such as forests and slopes. They can perform about 3-5 acres per hour. The mowing operation can remove up to 40 acres of orchard weeds and grass in a day, without bending down and effort, as long as you move your fingers, and it can cut thick and fine grass height  adjustable from remote control. 

Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.

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