Robofail One
Remote Control Roboflail One developed for sloping demanding conditions and Occupation Health and Safety.
  • RoboFlail One is unquestionably a most significant new product introduction to the grounds maintenance and landscaping market.
  • RoboFlail One is a fully remote-controlled, zero-turn, tracked mower, specifically designed to tackle difficult and demanding locations without risk to equipment, terrain or operator, regardless of weather condiitions.
Rubber Tracks
RoboFlail One is equipped with independently driven rubber tracks that Enables zero-turn performance, even in wet conditions and on fragile terrain of up to 50 ° incline, with minimal surface damage. Each track maintains a unique minimum of 0.75m2 contact with the ground surface, providing greater stability and greater traction.
With the increasing popularity and demand for remote-controlled devices available for mowing machines, the RoboFlail One has been developed for the most demanding of conditions with high quality cutting results and optimum operator safety.
Operating Features
  • Operates on Inclines of up to 50 ° - Twin independently operated tracks - Full-zero-turn capability - Three cutting-deck options:
    Fine-Cut Rotary Deck - particularly suited for park lands, estates and areas requiring a finer finish
  • Rough-Cut ESM Verti-Flail blade system with unique style, extremely effective for scrub, undergrowth and rough areas
25hp Kawasaki engine - Up to 6mph working speeds - Cuts up to 5000m2/hour on slopes - Fine to heavy grass cutting - Strong and durable unit with easy access for service and maintenance - 300m remote range operator:
  • Remote-controlled on frequency 434 MHz
  • Stop / Start throttle and from remote-controller
  • Forward / reverse directions
  • Set speed for bank operation in cruise control mode
Excellent Safety
Ultra-low center of gravity for good stability and maneuverability - Fully enclosed cutting decks - Anti-roll bar bumper - Improved and safe working conditions for the operator:
  • No vibrations to the hands or body
  • No emissions or noise around the operator
  • Reduced risk of injury
Possible Users
  • Roads and highway maintenance
  • Park Lands and Estate work
  • Reservoir embankments
  • Canal embankments
  • Railway embankments
  • Military bases / restricted environments
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