Developed for use on golf practice ranges only, Ballpicker® is a must as a solution for collecting golf balls.

Electrically powered, BALLPICKER® is able to collect golf balls in the utmost silence, without pressing them into the ground thanks to its aluminium structure that gives it lightness and rigidity.

Its light weight enables BALLPICKER® to collect balls several times on one battery charge cycle (on average a 2 hour cycle).

When its container is full, BALLPICKER® returns to base to empty its load and returns to collecting balls, as many times as required.

Operating in a random mode, the front wheels retract to ensure optimal collection. As it approaches obstacles in its path or the boundaries of the range, BALLPICKER® “lowers" its wheels again in order to manoeuvre.

Technical specification


Working speed

1 meter/second on level open ground, its speed reducing to 0.3 meter/second when its sonar detects an obstacle higher than 40 centimetres.


Maximum slope of 30%


3 NiCd 24 volts – 15 Ah capacity battery “packs”



Width: 120 cm – Length: 135 cm – Height: 50 cm


65 kg (ball container empty)



Combined operation of sonar, a touch sensitive bumper and backwards movement sensors enable it to cope with all types of obstacle (mobile or stationary).


Stop and reversal of direction of travel on encountering an obstacle.


45 cm diameter driving wheels with non-slip tyres driven by a 24 volt DC brushless motor.


Direction controlled by wheel speed difference.

Collection system

5 groups of 4 polyethylene disks mounted on an axle

Collection capacity

From 200 to 400 balls per trip
From 10,000 to 12,500 balls per day


Green-dyed ultraviolet resistant thermoformed ABS

Charging station

Equipped with a 30 volts AC charger and a signal light to indicate malfunction, it provides the very low voltage (50 milliamps) required for the boundary wire. It should be connected to a standard power source (220 or 110 volts) by a 1.5 mm2 mains wire and protected by a residual current device according to standards in use.


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